This site is dedicated to Arson Garden. AG was a great band out of Bloomington, Indiana.


m e m b e r s April Combs - Vocals
James Combs - Guitar, Vocals
Joby Barnett - Drums
Michael Mann - Guitar
Clark "Chip" Starr - Bass
p i c t u r e s

"Virtue Made Out of Sticks" 7" back cover + autographs
"Under Towers" CD cover
"Under Towers" UK LP insert (unique photo)
"Impossible Space/Radio Single" CD cover
The Belle Stomp CD cover (their last release)
Wisteria CD cover
Wisteria CD sleeve group photo (my favorite group shot)
Performance 1
Performance 2
CMJ October 1992: Write-up and track list
Live From Bloomington 1989 - Cassette Tape: Front and

m i s c e l l a n e o u s

Q: Did Arson Garden make any videos?
A: Yes.

Q: Did any of them appear on MTV?
A: Yes...on 120 Minutes.

Q: Were any of the videos commercially available?
A: Yes. There was a compilation video named "Comm3 TV Volume 1". The video is "Two Sisters (Love All Around Them)". IMHO, it is pretty good, but looks very dated now.

Q: Any other videos?
I remember Michael Lampkin (from New York, New York salon) telling me he "just did April's hair for a video" around the release of Wisteria.

Q: I heard April got one of the members of the band. Is that true?
A: That would be Michael.

Q: Where has Arson Garden been seen/reviewed/played?
A: Rockpool, CMJ and BBC all gave Arson Garden glowing reviews. In fact, they played live on John Peel's BBC show (UK).

Q: Who are they most frequently compared to?
A: Throwing Muses? REM? 10,000 Maniacs?

Q: Did they play Lollapalooza?
A: Yes...the year was 1992

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i n t e r v i e w I have a somewhat strange interview from 1993-01-30. Hopefully I will find time...
m e d i a I will try to post all of their songs in MP3 format, as well as the music video. Eventually...
d i s c o g r a p h y Eventually...

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