Q: Did Arson Garden make any videos?
A: Yes, and at least one appeared on MTV's 120 Minutes.


Q: Were any of the videos commercially available?
A: Yes, there was a compilation video named "Comm3 TV Volume 1". The video is "Two Sisters (Love All Around Them)". See also Youtube link.


Q: Any other videos?
A: Michael Lampkin (from New York, New York salon) told me he "just did April's hair for a video" around the release of Wisteria.


Q: Where has Arson Garden been seen/reviewed/played?
A: Rockpool, CMJ and BBC all gave Arson Garden glowing reviews. In fact, they played live on John Peel's BBC show (UK). See also link.


Q: Did they play Lollapalooza?
A: Yes, the year was 1992. See also link.


Q: Do you know of any interviews?
A: I have an interview from January 30th, 1993. Some day I will find the time to transcribe and upload it.